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Simple Acts. Big Impact.
RULH Middle School is working hard on saving the environment. Around the school, you will find many recycling bins and posters promoting recycling. The science club students are in charge of leading the way. Every week, the students go around the school to collect the recycled paper in the classrooms. This year, we have decided to ramp it up. Pepsi is holding a recycling challenge around the nation; the schools have to report what plastics and aluminum have been collected. RULH Middle School is number #7 IN THE NATION!!!
When the school reports what has been collected, we earn points, Those points can be redeemed for cool prizes. As of right now, we have collected enough recyclables equal to the weight of a rhinoceros! Thank you all for your help in the effort to make the world a better place. For more information on how to help, please call RULH Middle School or email Mr. Michael at