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BLUE JAYS - " Who are, Who are, Who are we?   We are RIPLEY!!!"


Blizzard Bags Assignments


  • The Blizzard Bag assignment should be representative of the work that would be assigned/completed in a standard classroom period.
  • The assignment may be given as a hardcopy or it may be posted on the teacher’s online district web page.
  • This must be a graded assignment.
  • A “Zero” will be given if assignment is not completed.
  • Students have 10 school days to complete the Blizzard Bag Assignment.
  • Day 1 begins on the first day that the school resumes after a cancellation and the assignment is made available to students.
  • If a student does not complete the Blizzard Bag Assignment by the due date, the student should be given an unexcused absence.
  • Since they are on a three-day rotation, Art students should choose only one blizzard bag to complete for that class. This applies to that class only. For all other classes, all three blizzard bags should be completed.


Blizzard Bag 1

Blizzard Bag 2

Blizzard Bag 3

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